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About Us

I hired this crew to run the business ‘cause I don’t want to be in the office all the time, but if you need me, just give a whistle and I’m on it. These are some of the people who work for me


Mark Gasbarro- I made him president ‘cause I don’t always like to be in the office. He might be related to Pavlov cause he likes to hear the fax machine ring.


Jeff Chizmas- used to own Cider Mill Farms. He made dog runs. Never liked runs myself, but Jeff’s ok. I have a tough time keeping him in the office so I may have to get him a collar.


Michele Guillette- She’s the best ! She runs the show… shipping, receiving, and production and she cleans up my messes.


Mike Nichols- He sells the Petwares we make Plus he helps the sales guys He gets my face out in the market too.


Brenda Baron- She watches the till and keeps me in kibble. She’s got one of each, a boy a girl a dog and a cat.


Don Benoit- I got him so he can make my molds. He’s faster closer and better than China.